A Proper Fix

Topic 2:

Solving the housing crisis

Auckland is in a housing crisis. If we can’t find a path to solving it, we face a future of soaring prices, sliding supply, rising unaffordability, people living in cars, in garages and on the street. Many of our young people tell us they’ve already given up hope of ever owning a home.

Auckland isn’t alone. Cities the world over are confronting the same set of seemingly intractable challenges. Like Auckland, they are struggling to find a big fix to a big problem.

I’m convinced there’s a method available to tackle the’ fix’ we’re in. Collective Impact is a method that recognises that no single idea, organisation, or person is going to produce a silver bullet solution. Solving the housing crisis demands real leadership and coordinated collective effort with a long-term focus and a commitment to deliver measurable results. See www.thehomepage.nz.

Around the world, we have to solve the supply dilemma. We need a lot more houses. We need a lot less political profiling, empty talk fests and meaningless pledges.

A Proper Fix: Solving The Housing Crisis presents the key ingredients of a solution and a process for getting there.

In my presentations you will learn 4 key things:

  1. Why we can’t seem to break through the barriers and blockages we are currently confronted with
  2. The 4 key steps we must take to generate the ‘disruption’ that will put us on a new path
  3. Getting to grips with change aversion
  4. A range of possible outcomes for your city

Audiences will leave this compelling presentation inspired with a dynamic game plan of long-term sustainable change.

A Proper Fix: Solving our Housing Crisis is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote. It has also been successful as a full day programme in action – see www.aucklandhousingsummit.co.nz

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